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zukanranger's Journal

The Zukan Ranger Project: LJ Division
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The Zukan Ranger

The Only English Resource for Zukan Figures. Buy, Trade and Sell, too!

This is the temporary LJComm where supporters and contributors of TZRP can come for updates and information on the progress of the project.
Especially important in that the photographers for the project should join, so that they can easily see which zukan are on the "To-Do List", and submit their photos accordingly.

Photograph Guidelines
1) For Whole Set Photographs, ensure all the Pokemon are present, and arranged on the base accordingly.
2) For Whole Set Photographs, a standard size CD or DVD must be present vertically behind the set for scaling purposes.
3) All Photographs must be taken against a white background and on a white surface (sheets of paper will do fine).
4) All Photographs must have a reasonable exposure, not too dark or too bright.
5) Close-Up Photograph series must be taken from the angles shown below, and of single Pokemon only:

6) Where necessary, Close-Up series must include one extra photo close on the Head of the figure. Only for large figures.
7) Other areas of interest, such as detailed body patterning, may have an extra photo dedicated to them if necessary.

Site To-Do List
Rarity/Value Page
Pokedex Individual Pages
Hunting Tips Page
How to get Wailord/Lugia/Ho-Oh originally
Differences between multi-version capsules
Differences between figures appearing in multiple sets

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